DevFest 2023

GDG DevFest Goa brings together the world class experts in Mobile, Web, AI, ML and Cloud technologies to Goa for a day full of sessions, workshops and showcases.
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About DevFest

An annual event hosted by the Google Developers Group across the world to bring technology closer to the developers. It is a All-Day developer conference where we aim to focus on multiple technologies through lightning talks, sessions, etc.
2023 will be the 12th year 🎉 of DevFest which marks the beginning of the second decade of the GDG community.

Why Join Us

  • Technical content: Events hosted by the Google Developer Groups community, featuring leading experts on Google technologies in areas like Android, Firebase and so much more!
  • Roadmaps: Want to become a developer? Join us to get all the answers.
  • Panel Discussions: Learn from the interaction of an expert group of panelists.
  • Networking Sessions: Connect with fellow attendees, speakers and community leaders.
  • Job Opportunities: Connect with recruiters whose requirements match your skills.
  • Startup Opportunities: Explore the latest trends, connect with potential investors, and collaborators, and learn how to take your startup to the next level.
  • Swags and Goodies: Amazing spot prizes for contests during the event
  • Ice Breaker Activities: Get refreshed by participating in icebreaker activities.

Event Starts In:


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Here is the list of our Expert Speakers of the Event
Varun Raj
CIO at Skcript. GDE, Firebase

Topic: Text Embeddings and Semantic Search
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Siddhant Agarwal
Developer Relations APAC, Neo4J

Topic: Graph-Powered NLP with Google PaLM 2, Neo4j and Python
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Ashok Vishwakarma
CTO, Impulsive Web.
GDE Web Technologies and Angular
Ex - Adobe, Ex- PayTM, Ex- Naukri

Topic: The Evolution of JavaScript Bundlers
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Nirav Kothari
Engineering head of Data & Analytics on GCP @ Quantiphi Analytics Pvt Ltd | Google Developer Expert - Cloud platform

Topic: Start your Data & Analytics journey with BigQuery
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Abhishek Doshi
Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Dart, Flutter & Firebase

Topic: Make your apps safe and dynamic with Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, and Remote Config
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Amey Nerkar
Social Innovator | Technical Product Manager

Topic: Dark Side of Digital Payments
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Nitin Prakash
Senior Software Engineer - Android @BYJU'S | Mentor @Google Dev Exchange

Topic: Biometric Auth API clean way
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Rivu Chakraborty
Android Architect / Senior Manager at Viacom18 - JioCinema
Ex - Meesho, Gojek, PayTM, Byju's
India's first GDE for Kotlin

Topic: Creating SDKs in Kotlin Multiplatform
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Bhavik Makwana
Software Engineer

Topic: Efficient State Management in Flutter with MobX
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Sahil Bajaj
Founded 3 startups. Love the magic that comes from understanding human behaviour deeply, and then using technology to create something that makes the world better!

Topic: The Magic That Happens At The Intersection of Psychology and Technology
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8:00 - 9:15

Registration, Breakfast & Chill

9:15 - 9:25

Prajyot Mainkar


Prajyot has been a consultant for mobile labs startups and himself a developer over 13 years of experience in technology. Known as the 'Android man of Goa' - he has been an advisor for various mobile app building strategy and initiatives around India and he is also an author to two books in Android and Flutter.

9:30 - 10:00

Text Embeddings and Semantic Search

CIO at Skcript. GDE, Firebase
Varun Raj, hailing from Chennai, India. Varun wears multiple hats, holding the prestigious position of CIO at Skcript and serving as a GDE Firebase. His expertise spans a wide spectrum, encompassing Enterprise Blockchain Architecture, Business Analysis, Corporate Blockchain Training, RPA Consultation.
With over six years in Software Development and extensive Project Management experience in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, Varun has successfully overseen the deployment of five or more blockchain applications in the enterprise sector. His proficiency extends to various technologies, including Enterprise Blockchain, Data Visualization, Robotic Process Automation, Frontend Engineering, and Hybrid Mobile Application Development.

10:10 - 10:40

The Evolution of JavaScript Bundlers

CTO, Impulsive Web, GDE Web Technologies and Angular, Ex - Adobe, Ex- PayTM, Ex- Naukri

Ashok Vishwakarma, a distinguished speaker and tech enthusiast, boasts a remarkable career trajectory that includes prestigious stints at renowned organizations such as Adobe, PayTM, and Naukri. He is GDE Web Technologies and Angular. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he is constantly at the forefront of technology, specializing in Web Technologies, System Design, Performance, Database, Cloud, and Tools. His expertise in these areas has contributed to the creation of products that are cherished by millions worldwide. Ashok's commitment to knowledge sharing is evident through his engaging speeches at tech conferences, thought-provoking blog posts, and active contributions to the Open Source community.

10:50 - 11:20

Efficient State Management in Flutter with MobX

Bhavik is working at as a software engineer, a GDE for Flutter and Dart, Google certified associate android developer and an Open-source contributor. He is one of the early Flutter adopters and loves to share knowledge through blog posts, public speaking, and open source contributions. He has also started a community in Ahmedabad for Flutter and was featured in "The top 45 must-follow Flutter experts on Twitter" by

11:25 - 11:40

Know Our Sponsor: Rezoomex

Rezoomex NFT Marketplace: Empowering Software Professionals in the Digital Realm

DevFest 2023 is proud to partner with Rezoomex NFT Marketplace, an innovative platform at the forefront of transforming the way software professionals showcase and monetize their skills. In the dynamic landscape of technology, Rezoomex NFT Marketplace stands out as a trailblazer, introducing a novel concept that merges the world of blockchain and resumes.

11:50 - 12:20

Graph-Powered NLP with Google PaLM 2, Neo4j and Python

Siddhant Agarwal is currently leading Developer Communities for APAC at Neo4j. Previously, he worked with Open Financial Technologies as the "Developer Relations Lead," where he built India's first developer community around Fintech/Embedded Finance. Before that, he had a significant role in the Google Developer Relations team, leading the Developer Student Clubs program, TensorFlow User Groups, Google Developer Groups, and Google Developer Experts program in India.
He has also designed and executed the initiative "Build for Digital India" in 2019, launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India. This initiative witnessed the participation of 7K+ students, building solutions that "Solve for India." A design thinker at heart, Siddhant loves working with startups, helping them scale in UX, and improving their designs. He is recognized as one of ACM’s Distinguished Speakers among 200+ speakers worldwide and 20+ in India.
With over 8 years of industry experience, Siddhant has dedicated his entire career to building, scaling, and growing communities in India. His passion lies in launching ed-tech initiatives, design innovation, growing the startup ecosystem, and building for the next billion users. In recognition of his contributions to community building, he was nominated as one of the finalists of CMX Community Industry Awards 2021 for "Community Professional of the Year for a Developer Relations Community" and "Community Professional of the Year" categories.
As an avid public speaker, he has spoken at 1K+ national and international forums, impacting 300K students, developers, and individuals.

12:30 - 13:00

Creating SDKs in Kotlin Multiplatform

Rivu Chakraborty is India's first Kotlin GDE, an Android developer, a community person, & one of the early adopters of Kotlin. With overall ~10 years of experience, he works at Viacom18 - JioCinema (India's biggest OTT platform) as Android Architect / Senior Manager. He previously used to work at Meesho (a promising unicorn E-Commerce Startup from India), Gojek (one of South-East Asia's biggest startups), Paytm (India's biggest Fintech startup), and Byju's (one of India's biggest Edtech startup).
He has contributed to multiple Kotlin and Android Development books including authoring Reactive Programming in Kotlin, co-authoring Functional Kotlin the first-ever book to help Kotlin developers learn Functional Programming and use Arrow-kt in their projects, and co-authoring Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Kotlin.
He has been using Kotlin since December 2015. Rivu formed KotlinKolkata User Group, the first active Kotlin User Group in India. Before he had to move out of Kolkata, he was organizing meetups and events for both KotlinKolkata and GDG Kolkata. Along with organizing community & events, he also speaks at events/conferences and local meetups.

13:00 - 13:45

Lunch & Gossips

13:45 - 14:15

Make your apps safe and dynamic with Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, and Remote Config

Abhishek Doshi is a Google Developer Expert for Dart, Flutter & Firebase. He is also the Organizer of India’s Largest Flutter Conference, Flutter Conf India. With over 5+ years of experience in Flutter & Firebase, he is currently helping clients make their apps awesome!

14:25 - 14:55

Biometric Auth API clean way

Nitin Prakash is an Android Engineer, currently working with Trell, Ex-Byjus. Nitin has completed his graduation in Electronics and Communication from Maharishi Dayanand University, Haryana, and live in New Delhi. After completing his graduation Nitin had worked in the telecom industry for more than 2.5 years and but he also learned java and android while doing his telecom job. He got his first break in the IT industry in Dec-2017 where he worked as an individual contributor to the whole android app SDLC and he developed 9 apps successfully. In Byjus were he handling the Snap-Camera feature and also handling architecture optimization. He always focuses on making the app more decoupled, testable, scalable, and extendable and he also focuses on the smooth UX for the end-users. His passion is to develop more robust android apps and learning every day into small pieces. His fun fact, he is very loquacious if anybody talks about android dev.

15:05 - 15:35

Dark Side of Digital Payments

Topic Details:
Digital payments bring many benefits to the ecosystem and to the country. But there is a dark side to digital payments… The systems which are built for betterment can also be used by bad actors to cheat others. (When I say bad actors… don’t think about movie actors — Just bad people and companies)
And yes, you are right… We will talk about these bad actors and what can be done to stop them.

Speaker Profile:
Amey is a social innovator and changemaker who enjoys building things that impact the community. He develops exceptional products and deploys those in the community around him. He is featured by Google for the impact he is creating using the technology!
Amey is currently working as a Technical Product Manager and is experienced in developing and managing the technical side of the products. He is a Google Cloud Certified Engineer and Facebook-certified community manager. He is a full-time Technical Product Manager and loves spending weekends over Music + Code!

15:45 - 16:15

Start your Data & Analytics journey with BigQuery

Working as Solution Architect,Nirav Kothari has 16+ years of experience in the areas of data science, IoT, RPA, Integration tools etc.
Nirav's talk will take the audience through some usecases of why analytics is important, what are the prerequisites to build it, how do you build a data storage platform, how do you manage your data and then finally details about types of analytics and what tools are available in Google Cloud to build Analytics

16:15 - 16:35

Hi-Tea/Coffee Rejuvenation

16:35 - 17:05

The Magic That Happens At The Intersection of Psychology and Technology

Founded 3 startups
All of them used some insight on human behavior, and combined it with technology to build something to make people's lives better!

Inspired by the likes of Apple, Whatsapp, and Google and how they use an understanding of human psychology to build products that just work

17:05 - 17:25

Lucky Draw Contest Reveal

17:25 - 17:45

Prajyot Mainkar


Prajyot has been a consultant for mobile labs startups and himself a developer over 13 years of experience in technology. Known as the 'Android man of Goa' - he has been an advisor for various mobile app building strategy and initiatives around India and he is also an author to two books in Android and Flutter.


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About the Venue

Being located in the heart of the city, PANJIM CONVENTION CENTRE is one of the most luxurious banquet venue having state of the art interiors and music system. Look no further and host events at one of the best Wedding venues in Goa.

Facilities & Accommodations

  • Goa's biggest banquet destination in Goa
  • Goa's biggest clock tower having a height of 6ft is at Panjim Convention Centre.
  • Comprising of 7 venues , 4 air conditioned and 3 non air conditioned all under one roof.
  • Largest free parking space spread across, 30,000 sq.ft. in Panaji.



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Prajyot Mainkar

Mentor and Advisor

Prajyot has been a consultant for mobile labs startups and a developer with over 13 years of experience in technology. Known as the 'Android man of Goa,' he has served as an advisor for various mobile app-building strategies and initiatives across India. Additionally, he is the author of two books on Android and Flutter.


Here's the list of Volunteers for the Event
Athava Parkhe
Backend Developer | Freelancer
Technical and Coordination Lead
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Medam Greeshma
Frontend Developer
Coordination and Social Media Lead
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Abhinav Borde
Frontend Developer
Coordination and PR Lead
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Siya Golatkar
Android Developer
Management Lead
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Abdul Baasit Shaikh
MERN Stack Developer
Sponsorship Team
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Kaustubh Athalekar
Photographer | Android Developer
Photography & Website Lead
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Kripa K. Davidson
Tech Explorer and IT Enthusiast
Content Writer
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Kevin Saby M.
Design Team

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Arpita Das
Design Team

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Samrudh Dhaimodkar
Flutter & Android Developer
Sponsorship & Marketing Team

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Gautham Krishna
Frontend Developer | UI/UX Designer
Sponsorship & Marketing Team

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Abner Mascarenhas
Graphics Designer | Photographer
Video Lead
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